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Send employee recognition and redeem rewards without leaving Microsoft Teams.

The #1 employee recognition and rewards platform for Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Office 365.

Easily send employee recognition to recipients of emails. View your company’s social recognition feed. View your recognition profile to see the digital badges you’ve earned the most. Admins can administer the program from Microsoft Teams as well.

In a Microsoft Teams tab:

+ View company recognitions

+ Get points for years of service or birthday

+ Send peer-to-peer or leader-to-peer recognition

+ Redeem gift cards and company-fulfilled rewards

+ See people analytics for users, groups, or the company

+ Administer the program

** Employee Rewards

We offer many types of employee rewards including the best brand gift cards, cash cards, nonprofits, and company-fulfilled system. Staff can redeem with points at no additional cost. When employee rewards really show the company cares, you will retain and engage staff.

** Manager & peer-to-peer employee recognition app

Recognize makes it easy to send and receive official positive feedback for any custom role in your company. Create recognition badges only for certain people, such as managers or executives. Direct report managers have access to a dashboard about their employees.

** Customize recognition badges & points

Create a personalized gamification strategy with badges, leaderboards, points, and more. You can use one of 30 well-designed badges and change the characteristics of those employee recognition badges. You can also upload your own badges in just a couple of clicks. You can change the points associated with a badge or choose who can send a badge.

** Employee recognition user management

Recognize supports the popular Azure Active Directory, Yammer sync, and SAML for single sign on for your staff. This is the way to manage users in your company. Recognize can import user spreadsheet, Yammer user data, and Office 365 user data.

** Staff leaderboards

Customize the corporate recognition leaderboards to focus on the employee, teams, or overall throughout your company. The staff leaderboards include filtering by badge or by time.

** Employee award certificates

When a recognition is created, you can print off an employee award certificate that represents that recognition. Certificates can be customized.

** Employee recognition mobile apps

Recognize provides mobile-ready employee recognition. Staff and recognition admins can login to the mobile website, Android and iPhone employee recognition apps.

** Employee engagement strategy

Increase employee retention and build stronger, happier company culture through monthly check-in meetings with Recognize team members. When you sign up for Recognize you also schedule strategy meetings on a monthly basis.

** Employee Hall of Fame

Only Recognize offers a visual representation of the top employees across badges or teams in your company employee recognition program. View top employees in any time dimension. Companies signed up for Recognize can enable this feature in their admin settings.

** Recognize subscription

Recognize is free to try! If your company is looking to customize your employee recognition program there is a fee for every user, go to to see the latest subscription pricing.

** Special note for first time users

Signing up and logging in may take up about one minute to complete.

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