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Everything performance management — right where you already do all of your work

Transform the way you manage performance inside Microsoft Teams with an all-in-one performance management tool that lets you set goals/OKRs, organize 1-on-1s, manage tasks, send surveys, conduct performance reviews, share feedback, and give praise.

Goals & OKRs

Integrate goal-setting and OKR tracking seamlessly into daily interactions and regular meetings. Keep your team aligned and goals visible by creating cascading goals you can access inside ongoing meetings.

Performance Reviews

Conduct performance reviews with ease inside Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365. Have access to an extensive library of customizable review templates and automate your performance review cycles, inside Microsoft Teams.

1-on-1 and Team meetings

Enrich your 1-on-1 or team meetings with meeting agendas, talking points, shared & private meeting notes, goal setting, feedback sharing, task management, and more!

Engagement & Pulse Surveys

Keep your finger on the pulse with surveys you can send out instantly, inside Microsoft Teams & Outlook. Automate surveys to check in with your team regularly. Access a wide variety of customizable survey templates to measure engagement, employee net promoter scores, training efficiency, and more!

Recognitions & Rewards

Recognize your employees and celebrate success with customizable recognition badges. Assign points to each recognition and have your team exchange those points for rewards. Foster continuous engagement with real time recognition feeds and dynamic leaderboards.

360-Degree Feedback

Practice 360-degree feedback with an intuitive solution. Give and request feedback inside Microsoft Teams chat or meetings, access customizable feedback templates, and send out feedback requests to people outside of your organization, all with a single software.


Stay on top of your day-to-day tasks with an integrated solution. Create tasks from messages inside Teams chat, set recurring tasks to establish key responsibilities, and sync your tasks with Microsoft To Do.


Take shared or private meeting notes! Have access to them in and out of meetings with Teamflect's perfect integration with OneNote. Keep notes about your direct reports or colleagues and have easy access to those notes whenever you need them!

Power BI Reports

Teamflect converts all the employee engagement and employee performance data into easily digestible and insightful Power BI reports, so leaders can gain crucial insights into their team.

Teamflect provides rich context by getting behavioral data from Microsoft 365 and helps managers access deep insights generated from the daily communications with their direct reports and peers.

NOTE: Microsoft 365 account is required to use Teamflect.

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