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Create, broadcast and follow-up online courses, 100% digital, 0% compromise on quality.

Learn and follow-up on your Edmill online courses, 100% digital, 0% compromise on quality.\n

EdMill is the Mill of digital Education. In Microsoft Teams, learners can display EdMill on the left side menu to access all Learner functionalities : courses, training paths, results, attached documents. \n

The impact of your online courses is maximized through learners - trainers collaboration and social learning. \n

Outside Teams, through website version, you can access the Administrators functions : course designers, whether they are HR training specialists or business segment experts, can easily turn raw material of knowledge into a high value processed material - online courses. \n

Our creation tool is based on My-Serious-Game digital course design methodology, the first one to be certified by the French certification organization AFNOR. \n

It guarantees the high level of quality and regulatory expectations, and enables structured training creation for all, whatever their field of expertise.\n

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