JumpStart Activity Studio

by JumpStart Games

Create, assign, and host fun, engaging quizzes!

## Encourages fun while learning! ##

JumpStart Activity Studio is an easy-to-use engagement tool for teachers looking to gamify their classroom in minutes. With our library of searchable quizzes and the ability to create custom activities, teachers can assess and track progress while their students are engaged in learning and having fun without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams.

We know how important your time is, so we have been working hard to streamline creation, assignment, and report viewing of each activity. As a result, we have released an app that allows users to work from within Teams to create engaging content in minutes that is perfect for your classroom while receiving real time advanced reports.

Our goal is to give teachers their time back with the students rather than spend it on creating, grading, and assessing lessons.

JumpStart Activity Studio makes it easy for any teacher to create and assign educational activities and track student progress.

In addition, teachers and students can discover the perfect activity to meet their curriculum needs by searching through the 1000s of curated activities available. Below are highlights of what you can do with the JumpStart Activity Studio built for Teams:

### Access and use activities with ease

Create a Teams tab to easily access 1000s of activities for you and your students. Use JumpStart Activity Studio to quickly manage your activities, host live challenges and check progress.

### Search massive library of curated activities

Discover rich, curated content from trusted educational content publishers. You can filter and search content by grade, subject and keywords. If you find an activity that you like, you can use it as is or edit it to meet your needs.

### Create gamified quizzes in minutes

We give you the tools to create your custom activities in minutes. Simply choose your question type, activity template, fill in your question and answers and save to get started. Additional options include enhancing questions with images or sound, adding answer explanations for your students, and linking skills and standards.

### Assign directly to your channels

Students are notified of any new activity assigned directly via Teams, making assigning and submission seamless. JumpStart Activity Studio is even integration with chat, so that each person is notified

Notifications and chat enabled bots

### Host Live Challenges

With single sign on, hosting and playing live challenges has never been easier! Set up a live challenge with your class directly from Teams. Students can join directly from the notification in the channel.

### View advanced reports

All of your assessing and assignment progress tracking can be done from within the JumpStart Activity Studio tab.

#### Information and support:

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