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Manage a talent pool of departing employees and ensure compliance with Employee Offboarding Tool

Goodbyes are hard. But when it comes to offboarding employees, a well-automated offboarding process can make your process stress-and hassle-free. Employee Offboarding add-in allows you to tick all the ‘official’ paperwork, task assignment and regulation in a secure SharePoint environment while at the same time giving the employees a pleasant exit experience.

Beyond Intranet Offboarding software is compatible with SharePoint 2016/2013 On-Premise and Office 365 versions and can be customized to suit every industry of all sizes. Additionally, the add-in comes bundled with onboarding capabilities as well, all managed within your Office365 suite.

Features of SharePoint Offboarding software:

  • Role-based Access to Admin, HR, Department Admins, Reporting Manager, and Task Assignees
  • Change colors, add your company logo, change app name as per your corporate identity
  • Identify and create Standard onboarding/offboarding tasks
  • Simplified standard tasks creation and assignment
  • Templatize commonly used task for easy assignment
  • Organize Tasks into various Departmental and Managerial levels
  • Create dependent task for a parent task and track activity status through notifications
  • Attach document(s) with each employee offboarding checklist and set resolution days for each task
  • Admins and HR can create your own Master data based on Departments, Designations, Employee Types etc.
  • Abort on-going onboarding/offboarding process
  • Easy integration with MS Outlook and MS Teams using plug-ins
  • Export Employee(onboarding/offboarding) information including custom fields
  • See offboard task lists linked to the newly onboarded employee
  • Intuitive graphical dashboard to monitor incomplete/overdue offboarding related tasks
  • Monitor new hires/offboarded employees through analytical dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard and role-specific dashboard access

Beyond Intranet Advantage:

  • Beyond Intranet is Microsoft Gold Partner Company, having more than 10 years’ experience
  • Dedicated team of SharePoint developers
  • Dedicated support team, always happy to help you
  • Regular updates to provide new features and bug fixes
  • 1 Hour of free support to all our customers

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