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SimplyDo powers innovation and continuous improvement by leveraging the power of the crowd.

SimplyDo is a platform aimed at large organisations to easily capture insights and ideas from the crowd.

Set up innovation challenge campaigns (focused on a topic, or left open-ended) and invite users from across your staff base to take part.

Staff can then create ideas for your challenges, and/or get involved with the community by liking and commenting on the ideas submitted by others.

Your users can add all sorts of content to ideas - from text and sliders through to images and video. This allows them to convey their thoughts in the ways that work best for them.

Once submitted, you can use our innovative idea management tools, such as Kanban project management boards, automated comms tools, and advanced feedback mechanisms.

We're always on hand to help out, too. Our first-class service means your account manager will always be by your side to give the support you need.

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