PowerGP Online Inventory Insights

by Njevity, Inc.

Get immediate access and insights to your PowerGP Online Inventory information.

This Template App contains access to basic information regarding the Distribution modules within PowerGP Online. Connection and Report information for this content pack contains the following information:

  • Inventory quantities On Hand (available to sell) and quantities not available to sell
  • 20 Items with the most Inventory quantities
  • 10 Most returned items
  • The status that to which items are returned
  • Frequency that are items appear on invoices
  • 10 items sold by quantity and amount
  • Top 10 items sold and shipped during the last 12 months
  • Amount of orders shipped late by Salesperson during the last 12 months
  • Open Sales Document counts and their line items in detail
  • 10 Most adjusted items
  • 10 Most purchased items
  • At a glance