by Anyvision Interactive technologies, LTD

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A plug & Play AI software based on deep neural nets for Face, Body and Object Recognition.

An advanced tactical surveillance system, powered by a cutting-edge, deep neural network that offers a wide range of capabilities, including face recognition, human body recognition and object identification. The system is cloud-based/on-premise, providing real-time and post-event analytics. It includes a set of advanced, automated tools that provide both immediate detection of events and video event analysis, turning each one into valuable data.

The technology is based on a self-learning, AI-based person-and object-recognition software. A plug and play solution for new and existing systems that overcomes challenges such as occlusions, different angles of view, and poor light conditions. Among other things, it can be used to find and identify missing or wanted objects or persons in large crowds, to support the work of authorities such as the police, and to optimize processes. Use cases can also be found in locations such as hotels, casinos, airports, sports venues, and retail outlets, where the technology is used to identify VIPs and enhance customer experience with special offers, services, and seamless access.

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