CARSURE-Auto & Vehicle Damage Assessment & Claims

by Artivatic Data Labs

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AI based platform for vehicle damage estimation and assessment and claims automation. OD claims.

Automate Vehicle Inspections and Claims Assessment using AI - CarSure.

ALFRED’s Auto Claims (CARSURE Platform) provide end to end platform to detect damages in real-time using photo or video or via guided mobile tools with final price estimation. Eliminating the needs of physical inspection.
This Platform provides following services and benefits:
Vehicle Damage Assessment

AI Based Mobile & Web Platform for Vehicle damage detection using Video & Photo under 60 seconds.

Claims Price Estimation

Using ML, Loss estimation for vehicle damages using historical learning and vendor, parts, vehicle based.

Service Invoice Processing

Using OCR/ICR, Automating QC for Service Invoices and proceed for quick payout to customers.

Fraud Detection

Detect fradulent inspections, including old damages, missing parts, blurry and low light photos or videos.

Self Training

Automated Damage, Parts Labelling Platform to train and provide accurate results in terms of claims & price estimation.

This Platform is available as:
  • On-premise 
  • Cloud
  • APIs & SDKs for mobile based claims

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