Asavie Moda


Asavie Moda is a clientless network-based, enterprise mobility service for cellular devices

Asavie Moda is a mobility solution that secures and controls data in transit on SIM-enabled devices. Because it operates at the network layer, it guarantees visibility and control of all IP traffic.

This also means the solution is independent of the OS or device manufacturer making it suitable for organizations with a wide variety of device types.

Through our integration with Microsoft, we are capable of extending the security, corporate governance and compliance to every device whether it be on cellular or Wi-Fi networks.


Secure connectivity for the mobile enterprise. Anywhere, anytime

Provide your employees with a secure online environment where they have access to the right tools and content to be productive on the move.

  • Your organization is protected from malware attacks that target mobile devices.
  • You can enforce internal usage policies to ensure compliance and remove online distractions
  • Together with MS Intune, Asavie Moda provides management and protection from the endpoint to the network.

Asavie requires no software or application to be installed on the cellular device.

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