LIVRESQ - Authoring Tool

by Ascendia S.A.

LIVRESQ is an eLearning Authoring Tool. With it you can create eLearning courses.

LIVRESQ is a web-based all-in-one course builder platform. Create courses and publish them on any platform.
  1. Developed courses can be downloaded and uploaded to any learning platform or website, we dont force you to publish anywhere. 

  2. LIVRESQ is web-based with a drag and drop interface, there are few solutions like ours worldwide that don't require you to download software.

  3. Courses built with LIVRESQ are compliant with the most advanced standard in digital education (eLearning - SCORM)

  4. No programming skills needed, if you are a learning professional you should focus on that, not learning how to code

  5. LIVRESQ is WYSIWYG, you can see each course exactly how it will look like on multiple devices.

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