by AssistX Education, LLC

Simple, secure and powerful classroom monitoring and management solution for Windows devices

ClassPolicy is a next generation classroom monitoring and management solution for Windows devices delivered as a cloud service. With ClassPolicy, teachers are empowered to lead their students to effectively utilize technology for learning.

Key Features

- Screen monitoring of all student devices in class
- Resize thumbnail screen images to desired size
- Screen lock one or all students with a custom message
- Launch websites and applications get class on the same content
- Restrict web and application access to desired content only
- Orchestrate your class by automating the sequence of your lesson plan
- Gauge understanding by quickly polling students throughout the lesson
- Deliver secure formative and summative assessments

Microsoft Integration

- Designed for Windows 1-to-1 schools
- Delivered as an Azure service
- Synchronize class roster information with Microsoft SDS/AAD
- Single sign on with AAD
- Integration with Class Notebook to support project based learning
- Integration with Windows Take-a-Test for secure assessments

At a glance