Assura - Customer Service

by Assura Software Ltd

Assura Customer Service provides a better way to manage your business processes for your customers.

Performance improves when your people and customers have access to the right knowledge when they need it. Information that is readily available allows customer support to resolve problems faster, marketing to produce more useful content, and sales to close more deals faster.

Assura Customer Service is a powerful platform to easily manage and disseminate organisational knowledge and track what your customers need and how you are resolving their requests.

Assura Knowledge allows you to ensure the correct information is available when required. The system can be altered, enlarged or reduced to suit your exact requirements.

Assura Knowledge allows your staff to:

  •  Access information faster, more accurately and consistently,
  •  Have confidence that the information they access is correct,
  •  Effectively arrange and maintain your organisations information and,
  •  Ensure critical information is distributed and used across your organisation.

Flexible workflows help you manage requests from customers, suppliers or other people you work with and make sure they’re logged, prioritised, assigned and completed. You can set completion timeframes to make sure what needs to be done, is.

Assura Customer Service Workflows allow you to:

  •  Prioritise work when it is coming in thick and fast so you can make sure your people are addressing in order of importance,
  •  Have confidence work will be done or flagged when its not by having jobs managed in a central place and assigned to the right people,
  •  Track and escalate requests if not completed in the appropriate timeframe,
  •  Encourage accountability through transparency of who is doing what and,
  •  Automatically update customers as their request progresses without anyone having to ‘remember’ to send updates.

Assura Customer Service is built on the Assura Platform. We’re the system that looks after the everyday jobs, tasks and actions that make your business run. Turning those often timely manual processes, into fast automated ones – making life simpler.

We’ve built the “Lego” building blocks and we work with you to put it together to provide efficient solutions that reflect how you work best.

Assura’s one platform approach to managing multiple business processes, unifying data and streamlining workflow provides a consistent user experience. Best of all, it can be easily adapted, by you in real time to make changes and evolve as your business does - all the benefits of a bespoke approach at the cost of an off-the-shelf solution.

Making people’s jobs easier is why we come to work each day.

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