Slack to Teams Migration with FLY

by AvePoint Inc.

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Quit Slacking! Swiftly migrate your Slack Channels into Microsoft Teams.

Migrate Slack Channels into Microsoft Teams

One of the fastest tools on the market, FLY consolidates and migrates Slack Channels and cloud content in other Microsoft Teams into your Office 365 cloud. If you’re looking to clean out or clean up data, are on a tight timeline, or an even tighter budget, FLY can help. We can automate your migration project with pre-defined mappings, schedules, and a real-time monitor. With our super-light install package, you’ll be ready for takeoff in a jiffy!

Resolve Your Migration Situation in Three Easy Steps

Analyze - Know what’s relevant and important, or just collecting dust before your move. Understand your existing information architecture to avoid potential risks or pitfalls, to improve the migration planning.

Migrate - Move Slack channels to Teams, one to one, or consolidate multiple channels into one Team to achieve your desired end goal with drag-and-drop ease. Then filter, map, configure, import, and schedule the move, or just migrate in real time.

Monitor - Track migration status and progress on the dashboard, validate your migration, generate reports highlighting actions taken, and always be in the know with automated updates sent directly to stakeholders.

FLY is available for purchase directly for our partners or customers, or through our Distribution network for Small Business MSPs.

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