IoTConnect Platform

Avnet Inc.

IoTConnect™ is a cloud platform that facilities device communication and management & data storage.

IoTConnect is a secure, flexible, scalable platform for developing and managing end-to-end IoT solutions. Built on Microsoft Azure services, it bundles IoT hardware, software, applications, data analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities with a feature-rich toolkit that is easy to use and significantly reduces complexity, cost, and time to market. Avnet has also developed a selection of smart, market-ready connectivity solutions that leverage the IoTConnect platform to tackle business challenges common to many industry verticals, including manufacturing, medical, environmental, construction, retail, food processing and smart city. These digital solutions – Smart Factory, Smart Asset Monitoring, Smart Connected Worker, Smart Building, Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Office, Smart Fleet Management and Smart Warehouse – can be deployed out of the box or tailored to meet segment-specific requirements. Avnet’s smart solutions combine advanced software capability with state-of-the-art silicon component technologies to transform real-time operational data into insightful information enabling more informed, strategic decision-making.
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