by Axians IoT Rotterdam

Maestro: the best of Fabric and Azure for your Data and AI scenarios

Maestro Data & Analytics platform

Data is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time more and more tools are offered to work with data. It puts your organization for growing issues. Especially when data no longer only serves for management information, but also has to help employees on the shopfloor to make better operational decisions. And this is often the challenge: combining different types of strategic, tactical and operational data on one platform and analyzing them together is difficult in practice. As a result, there are often multiple data platforms present in an organization, which means that the environment has become unmanageable, data cannot be accessed centrally and it takes a very long time before you can develop data solutions that allow you to get real value from data.

How do you manage this? Do you start reinventing the wheel, realizing that this requires a major investment in time, money, required expertise and capacity? We believe that this should and can be done differently! That is why we have developed Maestro, a manageable, secure and scalable data platform that is suitable for the storage and analysis of all types of data from all possible sources. And that also provides for the governance of this data. It gives your organization the necessary quickstart to develop future-proof data solutions that create real business value and that your audience is eagerly waiting for. So accelerate your data-driven ambitions with Maestro, Axians' data platform that allows you to drive full steam ahead with data, analytics and IoT.

Why Maestro?


  • Maestro is build on top of Microsoft Fabric. With Maestro, your team is working in Fabric!
  • It uses the best components of Fabric and Azure.
  • Maestro offers the integration with OpenAi.
  • With Maestro customers are able to process and analyse all types of data: structured, semi structured, streaming, IoT, and unstructured
  • A future-proof foundation for the accelerated development and implementation of data-driven solutions that create real business value
  • Plug & Play setup based on Microsoft's standard architecture for data platforms, extended with Axians' best practices for unlocking and integrating data
  • Management and monitoring of the data environment by Axians
  • A secure, manageable and scalable environment

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