Automate365 for Education

by Bind, Lda

Consistency of education with template-based curriculum in Teams

Online learning and modular curriculum in Teams

Establish consistency of education for all students with automated, template-based classroom teams at scale including channels, assignments, and more. Automate365 empowers your school to deliver curriculum-based classroom experiences in Teams, at-scale, and greatly reduce costs by investing in innovation already in use at your school.

  • Maintain course repositories for reuse, ensuring equitable and consistent instruction from class to class, grade to grade.
  • Easily update digital classrooms, pushing fresh content, new curriculum, and updates to classrooms at a fraction of time (and costs).
  • Automate cloning of content-rich teams, by onboarding classroom teams at scale and in minutes based on pre-defined course curriculum.
  • Package structure and curriculum, delivering excellence in education with structured templates that showcase your best content.

A simple approach to modular course curriculum in Teams in 3 simple steps:

Create curriculum-based templates

With Automate365 for Education, both IT and teachers individually can package Microsoft Teams and SharePoint into best practice, repeatable classroom templates. Course curriculum, channels, and assignments can easily be saved into templates, in a simple-to-use visual UI, creating course repositories that can be used in multiple classrooms, and along multiple semesters or years.

Deploy based on AAD groups and School Data Sync

Course deployment with Automate365 is aligned with your existing AAD groups. You can easily set triggers for deployment and integrate with existing school processes & data, such as School Data Sync. Provisioning is designed to simplify and accelerate the delivery of classrooms at scale to selected AAD groups.

Automated provisioning at scale

On-request or automated, templates can be provisioned at scale. Automate365 provides the flexibility to either create new classroom teams mirroring the template or update existing teams, as needed. As the school year goes by, course updates are easily delivered to all your classrooms at once, keeping all students up to date. Provisioning is fully integrated with existing school processes and schedules and delivered at scale. A365 converts a tedious and lengthy copy process, to fast automated provisioning.

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