ResiCare BI

by Bismart

Dashboard for monitoring and analyzing the key results of the different areas of Care Homes

ResiCare BI is a modular intelligence solution, adaptable and expandable to the particular needs of each company. It is a data model and set of pre-built reports that can be integrated and adapted with internal and external data sources that allows a 360º view of the operation of one or multiple residences to be achieved. It is a complete solution with a high level of customization, fast start-up and low cost of ownership.

The solution has several modules that cover all aspects of activity and sectors of a company:

  • Adapted vision: consult the key performance indicators of all the activity and sectors that make up the residence(s) from the global vision module or explore in depth and greater detail specific metrics with the vision by center or the vision by patient.
  • Health indicators: Monitors the health status of all users in real time and anticipates possible anomalies or incidents in the status of patients. Customize the most relevant health indicators for each center (falls, restraints, ulcers, incontinence, etc.) to adapt the environment to the needs of your patients.
  • Room management: Control the status of the center's rooms in real time and improve the service you provide to users.
  • Occupancy: Check the occupancy levels of your center or centers for better management of spaces and resources.
  • Occupancy Prediction: ResiCare BI is an advanced analytics solution that combines internal data with external data and artificial intelligence to deliver occupancy prediction solutions. The tool's algorithm allows occupancy predictions to be made in different time ranges: short-term (one week), medium-term (month) and long-term (3 months). Obtain a future vision of the state of your residence for the implementation of advanced strategies:
    • Establish a dynamic pricing policy based on future demand or the behavior of the competition
    • Optimize your purchases based on predictions regarding inflation
    • Focus your sales and marketing efforts based on demand
  • PIAIs: ResiCare BI has a specific module for the implementation, management and monitoring of Individualized Action Programs (PIAI).

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