by BizData Pty Limited

Manage governance and quality of your analytics environment

Loome provides a governance workbench that seamlessly integrates with your current data sources, data lake and data warehouse platform and analytics tools.

Data Governance and Quality:


  • Data Stewardship: Enforce data governance policies such as classifying data sensitivity and capturing descriptions of key metrics.

  • Publishing Control: Create mandatory metadata to capture before reports are published. Classify documents and reports for easier discovery.
  • Quality Control: Automate data quality checks including reconciliation and detection of duplicate records.
  • Business Glossary: Deliver better context of reports with an integrated report and data catalog.
  • Data Acquisition: Provide visibility of data availability and automatically alert processing issues.
  • Role Based Security: Assign responsibility to data stewards and report authors across departments and regions.

Drive Timely Action:


  • Alerts: When something goes wrong, you need to know straight away. Get notified immediately on issues in order to be able to take necessary action.

  • Recommendations: Schedule a prioritized list of actions to serve up analytics in a format suitable for operational staff.
  • Activity Capture: Record critical operational activity to ensure processing workflows are complete.
  • Turnkey Apps: Curate pre-built solutions to solve specific analytics problems.
  • Unified Analytics: Publish and distribute all your analytics assets within a single, unified hub
  • Discovery: Powerful search capabilities allowing you to discover any report, data element or document.

Onboard Faster:


  • Any Target: Target common cloud and on-premises storage and data warehouses.
  • Any Script Language: Support for different languages and tools including Python, Spark, SQL, PowerShell,Azure Batch
  • Any Data Source: With an extensive library of pre-built connectors, you can easily acquire data froma wide range of databases and applications.
  • Any Integration Style: Manage typical Data Processing Tasks across Data Warehousing, Big Data and Data Science processing and High Performance Computing.
  • Out of the Box Orchestration: Avoid costly development of API integration and data process controls.
  • Synchronize Report Catalogs: Pre-built connectors for Power BI, Tableau, ThoughtSpot, Business Objects. Integration with catalogue and embedding API’s. Extensible framework.

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