Callroute - Connect Your Carriers and Phone Systems to Microsoft Teams Calling

by Callroute

Connect your existing phone providers and phone systems to Microsoft Teams using Callroute.

Callroute enables you to connect your existing carriers and phone platforms to Microsoft Teams in minutes.

Do you have multiple carriers globally? No problem, you can connect these to your Callroute voice cloud and share these calling services between Microsoft Teams and your existing voice platforms.

With Callroute you can create your own hybrid voice cloud, interconnect between phone platforms such as Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, and Microsoft Teams. You can connect your contact centers along with your SIP phones and analog gateways to create a single, integrated, and interconnected voice platform controlled by Callroute’s voice routing engine.

Using Callroute enables you to move your users and calling services between platforms without needing to port numbers. Our simple to use web portal enables you to make routing decisions and apply them instantly based on your requirements.


· Connect to Microsoft Teams Phone System in minutes using our automated deployment connector.

· Connect any carrier in any country to Callroute and begin your calling journey.

· Number management for all your ranges and make routing decisions per range or per number allowing you to share number ranges across all your calling platforms.

· Connect your existing PBX, VoIP, ATA, and SIP phones to Callroute alongside Microsoft Teams to provide on-net, cloud managed calling.

· Migrate users easily from one calling platform to another with no-code.

· Connect your contact centers for customer calling and internal transfers to any system, whether you use native contact centers or Microsoft Teams integrated ones.

· Call reporting and call recording for PSTN calls with automated text transcription and sentiment analysis.

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