Scan Client for SAP

by CaRD Gesellschaft für EDV-Beratung mbH

Scan Client for SAP is used to scan and attach documents to any SAP Business object

The Scan Client is a light-weight Windows program which is used to scan and attach documents to any SAP Business object like Sales Order, Purchasing Order, Equipments, Invoices, FICO and Material Postings, delivery notes and so on. We also support barcode recognition for late archiving. In addition we can also process a stack of documents - the Scan Client is using the barcode to split the individual documents for different SAP Business Objects. The scanner has to be TWAIN compatible and you need an SAP user to connect to SAP. If no barcode assignment is possible the user can decide which business object is related to the document. Afterwards the user can assign the business object manually based on the individual key. We also support multipage PDF and TIFF Formats as well as different barcode types. Own function modules can also be integrated if you would like to manage the logic after scanning in SAP by your own. For many documents we also provide a server based solution. Based on user specific profiles you can also implement your own logic in SAP to manage the scan and attachment process. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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