by Chorus Intelligence Limited

Solve More Crime with Chorus

Chorus is a solution for Analysts, Investigators and front-line officers that enables them to solve crime based on the data they have available to them. It can automatically cleanse, combine, and connect complex datasets including communications data, handset downloads, financial transactions, and ANPR data, to help answer key investigation questions and create courtroom-ready reports.

-Save time - Business cases from UK forces have demonstrated that 97% of time can be saved by investigation teams allowing them to be far more efficient and effective.
- Data integrity - Our custom cleansing rules allow the noise to be removed from datasets so data integrity is maintained.
- Analyse any digital data - Chorus' flexibility allows it to ingest and analyse any digital that might be involved in a criminal investigation, from call data and ANPR to handset downloads and financial data.
Visualisation - Automatically map and chart data to show what happened around the time of an offence and aid attribution.
- Courtroom ready reports - As data integrity is maintained, the outputs and reports that are produced from Chorus can be submitted as evidence.
Ease of use - An intuitive user interface means that it can be used quickly and easily with minimal training.
- Deployment - Best of all you can deploy on Azure alongside your existing applications.

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