Engagement platform with tailored end-user experiences

Today organisations often need to deploy a plethora of different digital tools for communication, online training, engagement activities, and meetings. With CONNECT everything is possible within one innovative, intuitive, and engaging platform. The platform is a responsive website and can be accessed via all browsers or as a web-clip.

Opportunities with CONNECT

  • Create a branded platform with personalised content
  • Communicate with your employees via the news feed channel
  • Nudge behaviour and increase content engagement with motivating engagement tools
  • Add a Competitive Learning element with points and leaderboards for individuals or teams
  • Drive learning activities via the e-learning platform
  • Get data on all platform activities
  • Use CONNECT as your meeting platform with live interactivity and results for your face-to-face, hybrid, or virtual events.
  • Livestream webinars or chat directly with your peers in the video chat room

  • Use Augmented Reality as a fun and immersive learning add-on
  • Build engaging and inspiring virtual environments for your audience
  • Integrate CONNECT with internal systems to create a one-stop-shop with all relevant information.

The platform is used for both internal employees and to external partners or customers. We tailor our solutions with specific meeting and training purposes in mind and help our clients remove barriers to engagement & drive desired employee behaviours. It's commonly used for product launches and the day-to-day tools needed for a successful training and updates.

With the CONNECT platform, you get access to a dedicated team of experts who will provide support from start to finish, no matter if the goal is a truly value adding one-off meeting or a long-term engagement & training platform. Our in-house development gives a high level of flexibility and makes it possible to tailor solutions to our clients.

CONSENSUS CONNECT - Unlocking the Powers of Engagement

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