Line Locate

by Cybertech Systems & Software, Inc.

SaaS-based Utility Locate Request Ticket Management Solution

Line Locate, an Azure native SaaS-based solution, enables utility organizations to modernize end-to-end locate request management workflows and provides real-time integration with popular WOM systems. It connects with the local 811 service, automates with entire ticket management process and provides an executive dashboard for comprehensive analysis leading to significant savings in locate operational cost.

Line Locate, hosted on Azure cloud, can be accessed anytime, anywhere by requestor, supervisor and locator. It provides the intelligence to ‘auto-clear’ locate requests where there are no assets found in the area of planned excavation. In addition, it also bridges SAP and Cityworks data with Esri ArcGIS, serving as a integration mechanism, facilitating real-time synchronization of information between these mission-critical systems.

Utilities locate request process has been managed manually, with numerous independent touch points across many departments and enterprise business systems (GIS, SAP, Dispatch, etc.). The process used to be manual, paper-based, time consuming, difficult to track, schedule, execute, and led to challenges with work management and customer experience. 

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