Dathena: Augmented Data Protection

by Dathena Science Pte. Ltd

Make Azure Information Protection work instantaneously, with our AI based data classification

How to make Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Information Protection work instantaneously

Core Competency

Dathena delivers Sensitive Data Discovery powered by artificial intelligence which enhances data visibility, augments data protection and data privacy compliance capabilities for your organization, resulting in reduced risk, improved operational excellence and fast tracking compliance.

Our ground-breaking, autonomous Artificial Intelligence engine capable of understanding and accurately classifying any document containing text enhances data visibility on your unstructured data. Dathena’s AI driven document classification is the core capability. With 3 times more accuracy than manual or rule-based driven document classification, it enables organizations to address the most immediate data protection and data privacy compliance related challenges they encounter.

Augmented Data Protection (ADP)
Increase the effectiveness of AIP and MIP.

Challenge 1:
Data volumes explode. Manually classifying and maintaining this classification is tedious, costly and highly inefficient.

Maintains an automated and granular view on the data, its content,  business value, sensitivity and location with a unprecedented accuracy.


  • Governance cost reduction of 30%
  • Risk Reduction of 85%.

Challenge 2:

Protection solution such as DLPs produce false alerts at a 90% rate. This is due to protection being based on manually, inaccurate and pre-defined protection rules

Feeding data protection tools like AIP with content and sensitivity-focused rules. Alternatively, Dathena can also tag documents.


  • Accurately identify sensitive, business-critical data
  • Automatically generate data protection policies
  • Immediate and drastic reduction of false positives
  • Protect 100% of your sensitive data and reduce false positive alerts by 80%.

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