The FUNecole® eLearning Solution (K-6)

by Digipro Education Limited

FUNecole® develops Computer Science, Digital Literacy, SEL, and STREAMS skills in Education (K-6)

The FUNecole® turnkey eLearning solution develops and assesses Computer Science/Coding, Digital Literacy, Social Emotional Learning, 21st Century and STREAMS Skills in Education. The FUNecole® Six-year-Framework incorporates the development and assessment of

Computer Science: Computational & Algorithmic Thinking, Coding, Robotics, AR/VR, AI, ML, Online safety and Data Protection;

Digital Literacy: Common Applications, Video Animation, Digital Story, Internet safety, Web Design;

Social Emotional Learning: Self/Social Awareness & Responsible Decision Making;

21st Century Skills: Creative, Critical & Entrepreneurial Thinking

STREAMS: Science, Technology, Reading/Writing, Engineering, Arts, Maths and Social Sciences.

FUNecole® is a recognized good practice in Innovative Learning and Creative Teaching by the JRC/IPTS of European Commission endorsed by Cambridge International Qualifications and has the seal of Alignment by the International Standards in Technology in Education. FUNecole® Aligns with the UK National curriculum, American Common Core State Standards, the 21st Century Skills Framework, the Computer Science Teacher Association and the Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) curriculum standards.

•The FUNecole® Solution encourage students to “see” the wider picture, Pinpoint on opportunities, think Critically and Creatively, take Risks, Collaborate and make Connections while Solving problems:

•Nurtures students’ Self-awareness, Self-confidence, and Decision making.

•Inspires students to strive for Excellence and Social contribution and Happiness.

•The FUNecole® Solution enables teacher to Integrate technology in a supported and guided process while focusing primarily on Learning themes.

•Provides Comprehensive teacher training and ongoing Coaching

•Builds Connections with other schools and Formulate Global conversation, Problem solving and Collaboration.

With the 4th Industrial Revolution generating a dramatic technological expansion, the economic and social structures have gone through profound changes. School education needs major reforms to align with the workforce demands. The COVID19 pandemic pushes forward, even more so, for educational disruption and for online solutions to:

•Be interesting for students as well as their teachers;

•Facilitate sufficient Interaction;

•Ensure a critical mass of educational Results/Progress;

•Prepare students for new professional and social life challenges.

FUNecole® supports the new ways of thinking and emotional capabilities. With the migration to Microsoft Azure it ensures high Availability, Reliability and Dynamic scaling.

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