Enreach | Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

by Enreach

Add complete VoIP capabilities to Microsoft Teams with Enreach

Operator Connect provides a solution to allow phone calls to and from the PSTN to be added to Microsoft Teams, all managed within the MS Teams admin center. With Operator Connect, you can choose Enreach as your carrier to enable comprehensive Voice Services powered by our enterprise grade VoIP services directly through Teams.

MS Teams PSTN connectivity via Operator Connect offers you multiple advantages:

  • Enable users to make calls to mobiles or landlines straight from Microsoft Teams with your dedicated phone numbers and call plans

  • Unfettered user experience – Microsoft Teams behaves exactly like a desk or mobile phone

  • PSTN Calling through the existing Phone System ensures every user can make and receive business calls with control (auto-response, call forwarding, IVR, etc.) – a true enterprise voice solution

  • Superb voice quality due to direct interconnect with Microsoft Azure peering

  • Get straightforward connectivity, with no telecommunications expertise required to get started with Microsoft Teams calling

  • Save on infrastructure purchase and management by using PSTN calling services and Session Border Controllers (SBCs) fully managed by Enreach

  • Port numbers from your existing supplier to Enreach

  • Monthly subscription on a per user-based model

  • Feel confident with enterprise-grade reliability and support

Getting started

Your Operator Connect journey starts in the admin center of Microsoft Teams. If you do not have MS Teams yet in your organisation, you can purchase any Microsoft/Office 365 package through Enreach or one of our resellers.

With MS Teams admin center, you can choose to have Enreach as your carrier. By choosing Enreach you allow phone numbers and SIP trunks ordered at Enreach to become available in MS Teams. Then you can assign these numbers to the MS Teams users to make and receive telephone calls.

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