Manage correspondences in a timely, consistent and efficient manner.


Manage and track communication with everteam.correspondence

Faced with the constant need to manage correspondence in a timely, consistent and efficient manner, managing and tracking correspondences has become a major challenge for every organization looking to take a competitive edge.

everteam.correspondence provides seamless automation to help organizations save millions of dollars spent on managing customer correspondence, while enhancing their service quality, increasing customer satisfaction and improving overall productivity.

What is everteam.correspondence?

  • A completely integrated and fully web solution based on Everteam state of the art.
  • Innovative solutions that uses and leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  • A robust application for automating correspondence files in a manageable and organized way
  • Embedded capture capabilities, supporting both paper-based and electronic documents

Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs of storage and efficiently manage correspondences within a common platform and unified repository.
  • Enhance employee performance and reduce time spent on processing and responding to incoming correspondences.
  • Improve customer service by providing accurate, fast and trustworthy responses to inquiries.
  • Manage and archive all types of correspondence for legal and compliance obligations.
  • Achieve return on investment within a year by optimizing content production, reducing paper usage and consolidating communications.

At a glance