Skill Review by FeedbackFruits

by FeedbackFruits

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Give feedback on activities such as presentations, oral exams or an interview.

What is Skill Review?

Skill Review is a pedagogical tool used by instructors to evaluate the performance of students based on pre selected criteria by the teacher. Students can quickly reflect on their performance and assess areas of potential improvement.

Why is Skill Review useful for learning?

Feedback on performance is a practice that is often used in Education. Research shows that when instructors offer a good and structured feedback to students, it enhances their overall experience and motivates them to significantly improve on the long run.

How does Skill Review work?

This tool facilitates the process of skill feedback by enhancing the efficiency and easiness of the process for both students and instructors. This tool was designed with the firm belief that its ease of use will determine its success. Therefore, depending on the teacher’s didactic method, the plugin allows them to create extra activities such as:

  • Teacher evaluates student presentations
  • Teachers provides feedback on negotiations skills
  • At a glance