Amelia – digital (IT) servicedesk employee BV

Build your future workforce with the digital servicedesk employee powered by Artificial Intelligence

With Amelia® of IPsoft, you can take on high-volume, repeatable and high-impact tasks for the IT Service Desk and other functions, so human employees can concentrate on higher-value jobs

Once you bring digital employees into your organization, you're on a path to build a hybrid workforce, where digital and human workers collaborate for greater business value. The digital workforce is not some far-off trend — it's here today and integrated into Topdesk.

What do digital employees bring to your company? 

You can scale, lower costs, greater efficiency, consistent responses and enhanced productivity. For this, you get a digital employee who works 24x7 and that offers out-of-the-box, high-volume and high-impact IT tasks, such as:

  • Ticket management
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) 
  • Integration with Active Directory for account management (password reset)

Reasons to consider Amelia 

  • Continually improve the quality of services, while providing consistent services
  • Free up staff for different and/or more complex work
  • Extend the opening hours of your Service Desk
  • Resolve the shortage of qualified staff on the Service Desk
  • General cost savings
  • Increase the satisfaction of Service Desk employees and users

Amelia works together with her human Service Desk colleagues and handles simple and even complex customer interactions, is always available via chat, can sense emotions and is fluent in many different languages. 

Amelia enriches the Customer Experience by registering and monitoring every conversation while continuously improving its communication skills based on customer interactions.

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