RS Production OEE

by Good Solutions AB

Get the insights needed to cut costs, get real-time control, and use fewer resources in production.


RS Production OEE is software designed to quickly and easily give your production teams real-time insights and run your factory predictable, profitable, and sustainable.

It's not magic. Return on investment gets proven in hundreds of factories worldwide — every day.

Find your factory’s hidden capacity and become more resource efficient

RS Production® OEE gives you the insights needed to make better and fact based decision. It helps you cut production costs, get real-time control, and use fewer resources per produced unit. Improving Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is both profitable and sustainable. No more need for spreadsheets, pencils, and paper for production follow up. Get a ready-to-start configuration up in 5 minutes with the guided wizard.

Make better, fact-based decisions

Automatically identify machine time losses in real-time. Let operators add their unique domain expertise with loss codes, comments, and more using a touch screen at the machine.

Easily understand data from machines and operators with standard reports designed to help your teams make fact-based decisions.

Get insight into production losses, react quickly and accurately to deviations, and get visual facts for your meetings and improvement work.

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