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Expert-led, bite-sized courses designed to unleash your team's full potential.

The GoSkills course library is an award-winning collection of over 100 expert-led business courses on topics like Microsoft Excel, project management, leadership, soft skills, and more.
Renowned for their unique microlearning and gamified approach, these courses feature bite-sized lessons followed by short quizzes and practical exercises. This engaging format not only makes learning more enjoyable but also boosts engagement and completion rates.
Learners can effortlessly discover the most relevant courses by leveraging the platform’s AI-powered course recommender. This smart feature suggests courses based on each student’s learning style, preferences, and goals, allowing them to access tailored content faster and stay more engaged throughout their learning journey.
The Course Library is fully integrated with GoSkills’ leading learning management system (LMS). This integration empowers administrators to seamlessly manage and assign courses, create personalized learning paths, and track performance—all within one central hub.
Trusted by over 8,000 organizations worldwide, GoSkills is recognized as one of G2’s Top 50 Best Education Software products and a leader in the Corporate LMS space. The platform has earned the #1 spot for ‘Ease of Use and Administration’ and ‘Ease of Doing Business With’ thanks to its intuitive design and unmatched customer support.
With a passion for innovation and a vision to make professional education irresistibly fun and engaging, GoSkills continues to break new ground in online learning and workforce development.
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