Planning for Educators

by Haldor AB

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Easily plan and organise teaching resources in one place inside Microsoft Teams.

With Planning educators can manage and organise their teaching resources in one place inside Microsoft Teams. Planning gives them everything they need to streamline the planning process and spend more time teaching. Students get a comprehensive view of everything they need, empowering them to learn and reach their goals.


  • A flexible planning tool for educators inside Microsoft Teams.
  • Organize and manage all class resources, including Teams Assignments, links, files, videos, Sway and much more.
  • Easily reuse your own or colleagues lesson plans and teaching resources.
  • Gives students a comprehensive overview of everything they need on a visual timeline.
  • Educators can easily build up a bank of useful lesson plans and resources.
  • Adapted to suit all your planning needs – easily create both short-term and long-term plans.
  • Make learning accessible for all students, regardless of their reading and writing ability with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader.

Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating multiple apps and platforms to find the resources you need for your teaching. Start your free trial today!

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