Tarasol Correspondence Management

by IN3 Technology

Manage and automate correspondence life cycle from generation to dissemination and archival

Tarasol streamlines correspondences, their content, and associated procedures from a single platform. It captures incoming, outgoing and internal correspondences from paper and electronic sources. Correspondences are registered and classified then routed to the right participants. Depending on ad-hoc scenarios, teams collaborate on correspondences and accomplish correspondence-related tasks. During the process, correspondences’ and tasks’ status can always be tracked. Once the procedures are over, correspondences are closed then archived after a specific time period. In order to optimize the digital transformation journey, Tarasol also delivers advanced reporting capabilities, advanced search, and guarantees security and privacy. Reporting insights enable enhanced performance measurement, process control, and informed managerial decisions. Advanced search allows for efficient information retrieval. Protected, role-based access rights support process compliance. This application is available in Arabic and English

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