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Software as Medical Device (SaMD) for medical decision support.

Solution overview:
Healthentia is a medical decision support software and is intended for monitoring of non-vital parameters to support decision making and virtual coaching of patients during clinical trials or under a medical or wellbeing treatment context. Healthentia consists of a smartphone app for the patients and a clinical dashboard for healthcare professionals. Healthentia is intended to be used by chronic disease (such as Diabetes Type 2, Heart Failure, Oncology, COPD, etc.) patients taking part of clinical investigation or medical treatment. Healthentia can be used as Remote Patient Monitoring solution for patients that are released from hospital and have to follow a certain treatment. Duration depends on the study or intervention or patient's will.
Warnings, contra indications, medical modules, minimum requirements, compatibility, security and other information about the medical device are available here:

Solution benefits:
Healthentia is a SaaS solution in the form of a smartphone app for patients and a clinical dashboard for clinicians, supporting chronic disease patients by using behavioral change frameworks through virtual coaching, to improve health outcomes, empowering them to take control of their health and transform their lives, while contributing to the healthcare professionals and the healthcare system.

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