Connected MagiX

by Middle East Network Solutions - IPMagiX

An Agile Platform Designed to Streamline the Creation and Delivery of Mobile Applications

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of your customers? Connected MagiX is a modular platform that can provide the smart solutions you need to tackle these challenges and more.

Our innovative solution empowers businesses in the Hospitality, Museums, Education, and Retail industries to gather invaluable information on their customers' preferences, analyze the data, and transform their findings into tangible results. At the heart of Connected MagiX lies its cutting-edge location-awareness capabilities, known as Connected Mobile Experiences. By seamlessly merging customers' location and identity, our cloud platform enables businesses to create an interactive and highly effective channel of communication.

Say goodbye to a limited understanding of customer behavior and preferences, inefficient communication channels, inadequate mobile experiences, and operational inefficiencies. Transform your business with Connected MagiX and unlock the power of smart and interactive solutions.

Connected MagiX: Smart Solutions for Various Business

MagiX Edu is a comprehensive educational solution that addresses challenges in managing and enhancing the learning process. It offers powerful features such as hybrid & virtual classes, wayfinding, attendee tracking, online exams, assignments, and seamless LMS integration.

MagiX Museum transforms museum visits with advanced technology, offering hybrid & virtual tours, indoor navigation, push notifications, and comprehensive museum information. It significantly enhances the overall experience and attracts new visitors.

MagiX Concierge is a comprehensive solution for hotels, empowering staff to deliver exceptional service while efficiently managing guest requests. It offers customization options and serves as a seamless communication hub between guests and staff.

MagiX Mall & Retail: Elevating the shopper's experience. With advanced communication, targeted promotions, and streamlined operations, our app creates a seamless and engaging environment for visitors and retailers alike. Retailers gain the power to customize promotions based on shoppers' interests.

MagiX Portal: Empowering large venues with Wi-Fi access. Our customized captive portal, built over Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi, offers guests enhanced services, personalized promotions, and advanced analytics. Benefit from a win-win situation for both guests and businesses with improved experiences and valuable insights.

Connected MagiX Benefits:

  • The solutions are user-friendly and built with high-quality standards.
  • Connected MagiX develops custom-made solutions based on the latest industry trends.
  • The solutions are available on both Android and iOS.
  • The advanced Wi-Fi network guest access portal allows you to interact and engage with your guests, clients, and visitors effectively.
  • Connected MagiX uses modern development tools to ensure fast and efficient delivery.
  • Connected MagiX guarantees a leading cloud service to support your business needs.
  • The solutions provide a unified layer for leveraging location services infrastructure.
  • The solutions offer notifications, ads, reports, dashboards, and analytics to help you track and optimize your performance.
  • Connected MagiX integrates with social media platforms to help you reach your customers where they are.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and embrace the future of your industry. Take the first step towards digital transformation by reaching out to us today.

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