isoLEX - legal app

by integrated business center srl

LITE version - Legal software for individuals and small teams

isolex lite & basic are the smallest versions of our apps, providing the most simple and needed information for your activity like:
  • clients
  • cases
  • contracts
  • opponents
  • court terms & events
  • calendar (appointments)
  • file management
This app is dedicated for individuals and small teams working in the legal area as counselors, legal practitioners, lawyers in law firms or companies.
isolex lite is the version for 1 user
isolex basic is the version for 2-10 users
This concept was born 5 years ago as the Romanian marked needed a simple and good tool both for individuals and for smaller teams. With our recent rebuilt, our design team made the perfect job for you to get the best experience in using this legal app and our programmers worked smart so that you can be safe and secure.
The future editions (work in progress) are dedicated to bigger teams and to more complex case scenarios, offering functionalities such as: work-logs, reports, tasks and agile planning, statistics, fees and invoicing, WYSIWYG editor etc.
Even though this application is mostly used in Romania, the flow and the structure of the information allows you to keep track of your cases, your clients, your contracts with ease.

This app is available in Romanian. Full English version available NOW.

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