Workshop DT: 1-Day Workshop


Digital models, products and services.

21 critical elements for building competitive advantage and added value in Marketing, Sales, and Service. Performance Management based on data.

To successfully move forward when facing changes in consumer behavior,
increased competition, and disruptions in digital communication, one must
transform Marketing, Sales, and Service. The sheer volume of marketing
data and digital content dedicated to customer attraction and LTV increase
is staggering. And it’s growing exponentially.
But the game is worth it, and those utilizing digital technologies are in it to
win it. They grow faster and profit a lot from decision-making based on data.
They create digital content that generates traffic. They convert prospects to
leads and leads to customers, attract new clients, and retain existing ones.
And they achieved this via Digital transformation strategies
Customer-centricity and personalization, omnichannel and seamless
customer experience.
At every customer lifecycle stage, from the first contact to product purchase
and word-of-mouth advertising, every person communicates and interacts
with Your company in various ways. And 90% of the customer experience is
generated by Marketing, Sales, and Service.
Successful companies make this process seamless, personalized, and
comfortable for the client yet profitable for themselves. They process high
volumes of data, maintain a customer-centric organizational structure,
implement cross-cutting automation, use predictive and prescriptive
analytics, and base their decisions and actions on data.
This workshop is the fastest way to get a big and rich picture of changes
in Marketing, Sales, and Service today:
- to understand Digital transformation and its importance for any business;
- to learn about challenges and ways the leaders of Digital transformation
deal with them;
- to picture Digital transformation in Your company and estimate its benefits;
- to acquire practical skills for solving problems when transforming the
commercial part of Your business.

This application is available in [English, Russian]

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