Personalized Artificial Intelligence Platform

by Knowmail

Knowmail: a personalized Artificial Intelligence platform for email

Knowmail is a personalized Artificial Intelligence platform for email for CRMs, Unified Communication solutions, and Digital Assistants.

It is provided as an easy-to-integrate SDK or single standard API, for services/solutions/devices to enhance their communication personalization and value for their own users, across email, meetings, and tasks.

This AI layer provides enhanced communication benefits which are personalized per user, thus keeping them within your device/solution while granting enhanced focus, saving them time, and helping them get more done during their workday…with less effort and stress.

Some notable benefits include automatic inbox prioritization, understanding which emails are urgent, which are important, and all the rest, along with estimated time for completion to help users gauge time for upcoming tasks. In addition, Knowmail is able to predict the next-best-action to recommend appropriate folder to quickly move an email to, best time to defer an email to which will keep a clean inbox and reduce distractions, cross-device actions and transitions, and much more.

This platform is Enterprise-ready as our architecture maintains data is private and secured at all times.

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