TimberOps by LlamaZOO

by LlamaZOO Interactive

Digital Twin platform for Forestry, land management and other land development projects

LlamaZOO’s family of products are among the leaders in the emerging Spatial Business Intelligence (SBI) market for the resource, energy, land management, and manufacturing sectors. We are providing innovative businesses with new 3D data visualization tools and technologies to reduce costs, improve productivity, and become more competitive. 

TimberOps enables the creation and maintenance of highly accurate and realistic three-dimensional digital twins of outdoor spaces and places. The resulting virtual environments are fully immersive, data-rich, and immediately familiar to all stakeholders. From mountain ranges and valleys to the forests and the trees, the buildings and machinery, everything can be accurately modeled and easily explored by anyone with the click of their mouse. 

TimberOp's ease-of-use allows for large teams to collaborate within a single, virtual, unified view of a project that is intuitive to everyone, regardless of their discipline or level of expertise. Teams that use Digital Twin technologies become more informed, have a deeper understanding, are more aligned, and make higher quality decisions faster. 

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