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Lokad optimizes your Supply Chain Decision

Better supply chain decisions
Make better purchasing and replenishment decisions. Service more clients with less stock. Achieve less stock-outs and less dead stock. No more spreadsheet madness.

What is Lokad?
Lokad optimizes all fine-grained supply chain decisions - when to buy, how much to buy, where to stock, when to recount, etc and provides an end-to-end perspective on your entire supply chain. Our quantitative optimizations are predictive, business-driven and robotized.

Probabilistic forecasts with cloud computing
Lokad has developed a forecasting technology that is uniquely suitable for supply chain optimization. We deliver probabilistic forecasts which are about the only statistical method that works when dealing with erratic or intermittent demand.

Script Everything
When it comes to business optimization, every single detail matters. In order to cope with all business rules, no matter how complex, Lokad has designed a programming language - Envision - specifically tailored for commerce.

Human plus Machine
Lokad delivers inventory optimization as a service. Clients benefit from an end-to-end service solution, where Supply Chain Scientists take care of crafting an optimization logic entirely dedicated to your company.

Why Lokad?
Powered by Microsoft Azure, Lokad’s webapp features Big Data processing capabilities, and allows to create the necessary business logic that turns these forecasts into decisions that are specifically adapted to your business. These decisions can be adjusted to fit your particular supply chain constraints, such as MOQs (minimum order quantities) for example; your economic drivers, such as risks associated with shelf-life expiration; and your processes, such as daily purchase orders to be made before 8am every day.

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