Lumachain Recipe Management

by Lumachain

Management of recipes, costing, production processes and qa documentation, with full batch tracking.

Lumachain’s Recipe Management Solution allows manufacturers of foods and pre-prepared meals to manages recipes, costings, production processes, quality & control documentation, as well as full batch tracking for product recalls, increasing efficiency and safety.  


It has four main components:

  1. Recipe Creation and Management - Creation and maintenance of recipes for a standard batch quantity.
  2. Production Logs – Manage and track all production by recipe, by day and by batch.
  3. Product Information - Creation and maintenance of essential information and documentation related to an ingredient, work‐in‐progress product or finished goods.
  4. Master Data Management - All recipe and ingredient information is stored in a searchable and editable master list.


The Lumachain Recipe Management Solution can be used and accessed through any web browser. Contact the Lumachain team for a demonstration and licensing information.

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