Markup ERVS - Electronic Remote Voting System

by Markup LLC

Markup ERVS is a secure remote system for officials to vote from any location using a secure device.

Markup ERVS™ is a secure electronic remote voting system that enables elected officials to record their vote in committee, council, or plenary proceeding from authenticated devices and from any location with reliable internet connection.  Markup ERVS™ gives any legislative body, commission, or committee the technological ability to conduct secure, authenticated votes using secure digital signatures to convey proxy authority on bills, resolutions, amendments, and routine motions to parliamentary proceedings. 

Now, more than ever, Markup's secure collaboration products have a critical role to play in enabling the continued functioning of representative democracy with voting technology supporting hybrid in-person and virtual sessions. A remote voting system preserves the exercise of parliamentary privileges of officials who are unable to travel chambers to due illness, accident, injury, poor weather conditions, family leave, or instances which it is otherwise safe to gather in chambers.

Six Key Functions

  1. Ability of the administrator/Clerk to setup, initiate and close votes. Administrator can select the type of vote to initiate (quorum call, yea/nay, simple majority/supermajority, ranked vote & more) and select the eligible voting members.
  2. Embed relevant information: set guidance, leadership instructions for a vote, and final text of the proposal being voted upon
  3. Submit a Vote or Proxy Instructions using multi-factor authentication with qualified electronic signatures
  4. Change a Vote or Proxy Instructions using multi-factor authentication with qualified electronic signatures
  5. Automatic running tally of vote casts with electronic timestamps
  6. Automatic creation of an archive of Vote /Proxy Instructions to preserve and audit-able record of all votes within the system.

Markup ERVS™ is designed to be implemented on Azure, the Microsoft cloud, and localized on servers within the geographical are selected by your institution. The Azure cloud allows for scalability, mobility, connectivity for the software applications within the cloud as well as a robust set of Azure security technologies to protect users. 

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