by Mastersoft ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

University Administration & Information Management System for management of University and Colleges

UAIMS, University Administration & Information Management System, is built to manage entire university campus administration and all its affiliated colleges, departments from a single centralised system while maintaining their respective functional autonomy. Built on a flexible architecture, the ERP can manage most complex operations and can be configured, customised to best fit individual institution & university requirements.The solution aims at easing accurate collection, management and processing of crucial data while providing actionable data points to improve institutional indices. UAIMS is a complete package covering all elements: College Affiliation, Centralised Online Admissions & Enrolment, Outcome Based Education, Choice Based Credit System, University Examination System, Human Resource Management, Finance & Accounts, Library, Purchase, Stores & Inventory Management, Alumni, Training & Placement, General Administration and much more.Integrated Mobile Applications improve accessibility & ease of operations. The student information management covers all aspects of student lifecycle starting from lead generation, online admission, fee collection, individual student logins, complete student information is managed and can be viewed from the admin dashboards. Special Online Teaching & Learning Module enables students to access notes, books, assignment, take online tests, create forum, internal mail etc. Entire information of a student from a lead to convocation & alumni is maintained. Statutory Compliance required reports can be downloaded at all times. MasterSoft ERP Solutions is a leading ERP provider with over 2000 clients in Education domain using MasterSoft ERP since as long as 18 years to effectively manage their Institutions, including Institutions of National Importance. Our prolific experience, domain knowledge and dedicated team has helped us to achieve over 99 % Customer Satisfaction Rate and aim towards a common goal of academic excellence.

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