Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution

by Mavim B.V.

align your business objectives with already-established governance, risk, and compliance requirement

The Mavim GRC application integrates business process management and risk management, allowing consistent connections between your risk operations, business processes, and strategic objectives. These links – up-to-date and in real time – bring together different areas of management and diverse departmental goals into a single, smoothly integrated structure that helps define and mitigate all risks associated with use, ownership, operation, and involvement across all areas of your business.

One Repository
Mavim provides an integrated approach to registering, mapping, improving and communicating governance and regulatory information in an enhanced Visio environment. Mavim acts as a single source of truth for compliance to both internal and external stakeholders. Existing information documented in spreadsheets and other sources can be imported, empowering the reuse of existing data. All information related to GRC can be managed from one, user-friendly environment.

Multi Compliance Framework Support
Mavim provides a number of pre-configured frameworks to simplify the journey to full compliance. With Mavim, visualize strategic business objectives and KPIS in one central repository where you can define, classify and connect risks to control activities within business processes. This allows end-users to perform impact analysis and generate reports on potentially high-risk areas of the business where controls should be leveraged. Mavim provides frameworks that support the following regulations and standards: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, COSO, ITIL, COBIT, GDPR.

Measure and Monitor Key Risks
Determine key risk indicators and attach them to breakpoints by tagging the KRIs in Mavim in order to receive (near) real-time insight into breaches as they happen. This allows for accelerated remediation and the elevation of breaches to the necessary level within the organization. Mavim creates insight into which specific combinations of transactions previously led to a serious breach, and then, by creating business rules on those combinations, alerts can be sent out as the breach is occurring.

Reports & Dashboards
Mavim generates reports that can be used to create dashboards in the BI engine of your choice. The reporting function in Mavim gives a controller the ability to generate a report detailing all risks, the controls on those risks and the impact that it could have on your organization. Additionally, the risks, controls and impact can be visualized in a BI environment so that everyone understands which risks need immediate attention. Mavim helps you keep your information up to date by continuously pushing live data from reports into the dashboarding environment. The same dashboards can also be embedded in Mavim to create a seamless user experience.

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