by Medchart US Inc. dba "Marble"

Medchart provides secure, seamless automation of ROI and IAS identity and consent verification.

Medchart provides healthcare providers, pharmacies, labs, and payers with a solution to HIPAA-compliant release of information (ROI) and Individual Access Services that securely
and seamlessly automates compliance for identity and consent verification. Medchart aggregates requests from thousands of legal professionals, insurance providers, patients and
other third parties, into one seamless and, intuitive and secure portal. This solution helps providers meet HIPAA compliance requirements and prevent compliance fines, decreases the
risk of information blocking, reduces turnaround times and cost of labor.
•Eliminate faxes and receives all ROI requests through one centralized online system
•Reduces labor by automating all request processing steps
•Proprietary compliance automation technology to verify the identity and authorization of requesting parties
•Full invoicing, billing, and fee collections as a service with flexible payment options
•System integrations to match patients to their requested records and only pull the records needed
•Digitally releases the medical records while maintaining client privacy
•Can leverage existing Individual Access Services infrastructure

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