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Digital citizenship & media literacy hub for students to learn how to be safe, kind and savvy online

An immersive online safety and media literacy hub to educate students aged 5-11 years through Microsoft Teams. Providing classrooms with a library of interactive, engaging lessons and activities, the app offers a fun, unique space for students to not only learn about e-safety, but practice the skills needed to be safe and savvy online.

Building Digital Skills:

Because Natterhub safely mimics platforms used outside of the classroom, it offers impactful and relevant experiences to teach kids about being on screens. With schemes of work for each year group for K-6, the Natterhub bank of 350+ interactive resources teach students critical thinking skills and build digital resilience so they can safely navigate the internet.
With online vulnerability at an all time high, Natterhub is a whole school solution that addresses online risks and harms in an age-appropriate way. Animated lessons, teacher-led lessons, interactive polls and quizzes all form the immersive experience for students whilst enabling you to weave online safety and media literacy across your timetable. Digital Lead at Thomas’s, London, told us that “Natterhub allows us to easily embed e-safety across our school, even for those teachers not confident in this space.”
Student progress is assessed and tracked with an easy-to-use badge system. Students have the freedom to practice positive digital communication and further develop key soft skills in a safe space.

Two styles of lessons:

Teacher-led lessons have been created for whole-class or group teaching, with teacher notes to guide you towards quality online safety education discussions. Visual lessons include a safe class chat feed to nurture typing skills too. All lessons finish with a fun assessment quiz.
Animated Natterled lessons are ideal for individualised learning in the classroom or at home, with students guided through a series of interactive slides and activities. These can be posted as an assignment within your Team where teachers have the option to provide feedback too.
Topics covered are global issues affecting children. Designed and built in the UK, Natterhub content is relevant for schools in all English-speaking countries/territories facing online vulnerability. The platform is currently helping teachers in 4000+ schools in over 60 countries including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China, UAE and more.

In order to use this app, users must have an active Natterhub account. When you install the app for the first time, an account will be created for you.

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