One Data Cartography


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AI Enabling Technology – empowered by Applied AI

ONE DATA Cartography: Enabling Technology to improve Data Quality – empowered by 100 Data Scientists

Poor data quality and misleading connections — these are the main stumbling blocks to successfully creating data products that add real value and establishing technical governance based on artificial intelligence (AI). ONE DATA Cartography ensures you’ll achieve the perfect data baseline to start your data journey. It also automates many processes, improving the efficiency of your organization.

The idea behind this enabling, turnkey technology is as simple as it is effective: First, ONE DATA Cartography automatically creates a complete, unified view or “map” of all your data assets, making administration and quality assurance easier. Subsequently, the system is able, for example, to accelerate the filling of existing data catalogs, to support the creation of GDPR and data quality reports, or to prepare for data migration.

With ONE DATA Cartography, you can use AI to automatically identify weak points, disclose data connections, and keep an overview of your inventory. This builds a data foundation on which data products can be quickly and easily implemented, allowing you to achieve greater productivity, sustainability, and transparency company wide.

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