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Product Information Management (PIM) system with fully configurable product model and logic.

WisePorter is a software component which stores information about products, their relationships, pricing rules, eligibility, and other sales-related information. It provides this information consistently and exceptionally quickly to multiple sales channels, such as web, mobile, marketplaces, call-centre, physical shops, partners, etc.

Unlike other PIM systems', WisePorter's product model is fully definable. Your products can be books, cars, holiday trips, or mortgages - anything you like. WisePorter lets you define the products' attributes, relationships, multiple hierarchies and even rules and calculations. You can specify which products can (not) be combined, who is eligible to buy them and how the price is calculated.

WisePorter is currently used by companies in eCommerce, telco, banking, insurance, FinTech, pharmacology and the energy industry. Its open product model makes it easily adaptable to any industry.

Do you need WisePorter?

  • Do you want to sell on-line but available tools are too restrictive for your product range?
  • Do you sell through multiple sales channels and have problems with inconsistent offers between them?
  • Do you receive product information from multiple sources and need a place to consolidate them for selling?
  • Do you have performance problems - customers waiting several seconds to see your offer?
  • Do you offer complex products and need one place to define all calculations, rules, relationships, etc.?
  • Do you often modify your product offer and get bogged down by the long IT projects needed for that?
  • Do you provide customized offers and need rules to automate them?
If this sounds familiar, please contact us to learn how WisePorter can help you.

Other features of WisePorter include:
  • Product life-cycle management,
  • Multi-lingual support,
  • Workflow support,
  • Easy integration,
  • Friendly UI/UX,
  • Campaign planning,
  • Automated deployment of scheduled changes,
  • Product bundling/packaging,
  • Product variants,
  • Purchase order management.

The options are limitless. Please, contact us to discuss how we can help your business.

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