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Product Information Management (PIM) system with fully configurable product model & dynamic pricing

WisePorter is a software for a smart product information management (PIM) and rules-based pricing.

Product managers in eCommerce, banking, telco, insurance, utilities and other domains can use WisePorter to

🔗 integrate high numbers of suppliers for almost zero costs to achieve a best product offer on the market,
🛍️ use wide range of sales channels managed automatically from one system to reach the client anywhere,
⏱ shorten a time to market by managing all products directly by business,
📈 increase sales numbers by high quality product data,
💸 avoid financial loss by the automated pricing a profitability calculation.

Unlike other PIM systems', WisePorter's product model is fully definable. Your products can be books, cars, holiday trips, or mortgages - anything you like. Its open product model makes it easily adaptable to any industry. Other features of WisePorter include product life-cycle management including the workflows, multi-lingual and multi-currency support, flexible product model fully manageable by the client (no vendor lock), wide set of connectors to various ERP and CRM systems.

Do you need WisePorter?

  • Do you want to sell on-line but available tools are too restrictive for your product range?
  • Do you sell through multiple sales channels and have problems with inconsistent offers between them?
  • Do you receive product information from multiple sources and need a place to consolidate them for selling?
  • Do you have performance problems - customers waiting several seconds to see your offer?
  • Do you offer complex products and need one place to define all calculations, rules, relationships, etc.?
  • Do you often modify your product offer and get bogged down by the long IT projects needed for that?
  • Do you provide customized offers and need rules to automate them?
If this sounds familiar, lets have a talk about how WisePorter can help you.

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