Teams on FHIR

by PIE Systems International, Inc.

Streamlining Health Care with Teams on FHIR

  • Provide Clinical Continuity using iHealth FHIR Interoperability Orchestration for HL7v2. Automate conversion of HL7v2 events created by multiple EMR systems to FHIR and an ingestion to central Azure Health Data Service (FHIR service) Data Hub. Use orchestration rules to enable automatic detection of duplicate patient records from different EMRs and to consolidate duplicate patient records into golden patient records in Azure Health Data Service (FHIR Service) with multiple searchable indexes.
  • Automate and streamline every Care Team real-time Collaboration & Communication with Teams on FHIR. Patient centric Real-time on Demand Audio/Video/Text communication. Activity Channel for each patient shared by members of Care Team. On the GO mobile phone & tablet/PC.
  • Improve the equity of care with Teams on FHIR Provider Connect. Automate and streamline referrals management. Automate processing of Consult Requests from community providers including Urgent Care and Emergency consultation. Enable school-based care on demand by school nurses.
  • Automate and streamline Remote Patient Monitoring with Teams on FHIR IoMT. Detect emergent conditions from IoMT data based on patient’s individual vital signs thresholds and automatically send alerts to proper service queues. Automatically create patients’ vital signs observations.
  • Automate and streamline Provider workflows with Teams on FHIR, Microsoft’s AI and machine learning capabilities. Eliminate, simplify or improve clinical workflows among workforce. Replace Hospital White Boards and Huddles. Capture all communication in a patient history.
  • Optimize & improve Telehealth services - automate and streamline virtual rounds with Teams on FHIR. Enable Audio/Video communication with a patient on demand.
  • Automate patient messaging triage and processing with Teams on FHIR, Microsoft’s AI and machine learning capabilities to help reduce administrative burden - so clinical staff can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care. As patient messages have risen 157% above pre-pandemic levels, streamline day-to-day operations for care team members by accessing the EHR system directly from a single hub in Teams, which supports the industry’s stringent security, compliance, & data privacy needs

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